Realscreen: Pernel Media to explore “Rise of the Vikings” for Planete+, C8

Paris-headquartered Pernel Media has been commissioned to produce Rise of the Vikings, a docudrama series for Canal+ channels Planète+ and C8.

Throughout four 60-minute episodes, the series (titled Vikings, les premiers rois for the French market) covers a specific battle for power from the viewpoint of a famous Viking leader across a timeline of 80 years.

The prodco says the series will be a hybrid of drama and documentary, with the dramatic segments shot in 4K in authentic European settings. The doc segments, meanwhile, will follow present-day archaeologists in Scandinavia, England and Germany as they use cutting-edge technology to uncover elements of the Viking way of life. High-end CGI and VFX will also be used to depict Viking fortresses and fleets, villages, pagan temples and other components of the culture’s history.

The executive producer for Pernel Media is Samuel Kissous. Franck Appietto commissioned the series for C8 and Benoît Illes for Planète+.

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