C21: Pernel Media premium doc After the Asteroid to land on France Télévisions

Public broadcaster France Télévisions has commissioned After the Asteroid (1×90’), a premium documentary from Vivendi-backed prodco Pernel Media.

The film looks at how life on Earth recovered from the asteroid that smashed into the planet 66 million years ago, wiping out 75% of all species including the dinosaurs.

Paris-based Pernel has secured exclusive access to a Colorado expedition by US palaeontologist Tyler Lyson who has discovered fossils that document the evolution of animals and vegetation from the time.

Director Thomas Cirotteau will use CGI to help illustrate the regeneration of an entire ecosystem and the origins of life today.

The film was commissioned by Xavier Grimault, Amandine Picault and Catherine Alvaresse, head of documentaries for France Télévisions. It will be shown on France 5’s primetime slot Science Grand Format. Executive producers for Pernel Media are Fabrice Frank and Céline Payot-Lehmann.

A 2×45’ version is being produced for international distribution.

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