Ceasar’s Doomsday War

ARCHEOLOGY & Paleontology, dramadoc, history


Julius Caesar faces a powerful alliance of barbarians led by an infamous Gaul warlord, Vercingetorix.

Julius Caesar’s relentless pursuit of power pits him against a mighty force, the battle-hardened tribes of Gaul who once roamed France. The Roman General wants to consolidate power in Rome and decides that military victory and conquest is his route to the top. He sets up to bring all of Gaul under his control, triggering a series of events that would bring his army to the brink of defeat. For centuries the truth about exactly what happened has been shrouded in mystery. Now archaeologists are uncovering what really happened. This documentary explores the events of the war and the forgotten stories of the Gaul people themselves. Tracing their origin and exploring the events that gave the tribes a terrifying reputation in Rome. We join archaeologist taking to the skies to hunt for lost cities of the Gauls and investigating where their wealth came from. Scenes of unfolding drama chart the key moments in Caesar’s conquest and 3D animations bring to life lost war technology.


2 x 45′

Archeology & Paleontology

Alain Brunard, Bertrand Goujard, Eric Maillebiau, Vanessa Pontet, Claire Benhaim

France Télévisions, Science Channel, RTBF, Histoire TV

ITV Studio

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