Master Sapiens

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21,000 years ago, men did not live in caves and hunt mammoths while wearing animal skins on their bare backs. They were skilled in shaving, sewing their own clothes, applying makeup, speaking a language, and living in small tent villages, just like we do today. At that time, while Britain was still experiencing its last ice age, southern Europe enjoyed a wave of warm weather, providing an abundance of food and shelter. In southern France, families of master artists created what is now considered the greatest work of prehistoric art – the Lascaux Cave. The art is so refined and sophisticated that experts believe we would be unable to reproduce it using the same techniques and tools today.
Who were these men and women? How did they live? Were they professional artists? How could they achieve such painting feats? and what does their art mean? Was Lascaux the first art school in history?
This unique investigation takes us back to prehistoric times to explore the life of the
first artists. Using state-of-the-art 3D techniques, we’ll travel back to the Lascaux Cave,
animating the frescos using and non-dialogue docudrama to recreate scenes of everyday life.

2 x 45′ and 52′

Archeology, History

Nathalie Laville

Canal Plus Channels

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